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Squire and Partners’ new Brixton studio space is helping it weather the uncertainties of 2017 by taking the practice in a new direction.

The firm’s core business of high-value residential development in London took a knocking following the collapse of confidence caused by stamp duty rises and the Brexit vote. The result has been a fall in overall revenues from £23.66 million to £18.62 million and a drop in overall architect numbers from 122 to 113 – leaving the practice once again just outside the AJ100 top 10 following a brief re-entry last year.

The biggest challenge has been the switch from the lucrative design and delivery roles of the past to more limited concept work at home and abroad. ‘We have to win four new jobs for every one new job we would have had two years ago,’ says practice founder Michael Squire.

Fortunately, the practice’s extraordinary conversion of a disused Brixton department store into a new studio, restaurant and creative work hub has created a raft of new opportunities in previously unmined sectors.

‘In the first four months of this year we have had more new enquiries than ever before,’ says Squire, explaining how the eccentrically restored symbol of ‘ruined decadence’ had caught the attention of the capital’s burgeoning workspace industry, resulting in several new commissions, including a workspace and members’ club for Ministry of Sound.

Looking ahead, Squire says: ‘Our aspiration and ambition is to continue doing what we have done for the last year or two, finding new places to secure work, building on the reputation The Department Store is giving us and, hopefully, thereby sustaining ourselves.’


UK architects 2018 113 hide graph
48 2008
36 2010
46 2011
58 2012
61 2013
76 2014
103 2015
104 2016
122 2017
113 2018
Overseas architects 2018 0 show graph
0 2008
0 2010
0 2011
0 2012
0 2013
0 2014
0 2015
0 2016
0 2017
0 2018
Percentage of women architects 2018 44% show graph
Percentage of BAME architects 2018 5% show graph


Architecture fees for UK projects 2018 £16.8m
Architecture fees for overseas projects 2018 £1.2m
Architecture fees for overseas projects delivered out of UK offices 2018 £18.0m
Architecture fees for overseas projects delivered out of overseas offices 2018 0
Total fees income 2018 £18.0m
Total income 2018 * £18.6m
 UK architectural income
 Overseas architectural income
* Includes architectural fees plus fees earned by engineers, surveyors, planners, etc

Fees per architect

Fees per UK architect 2018£93,557


2018 awards 2 show graph


2018 ranking 12 show graph

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