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AHR, which works across a wide range of sectors, has recently expanded its expertise with the acquisition of housing specialist PCKO Architects. It has also become the first architectural practice to be certified by the British Standards Institution as having achieved Level 2 BIM for design and construction.

Both these factors suggest the existence of a new and hungry practice and, in a way, AHR is both of these; in another way, however, it is distinctly old. Its website boasts that the practice is 181 years old ( a claim few can match) achieved through a complex series of mergers and demergers, the last being when it detached itself from Aedas nearly two years ago.

Last October the British Council for Offices awarded its Best of the Best Award to AHR’s Keynsham Civic Centre and One Stop Shop for being an exemplary office building. The practice has also completed a £6 million transport interchange in Greater Manchester and won planning permission for two office buildings in the city.

A sign of how much AHR is now master of its own destiny comes in the form of a tiny but successful project: the refurbished café and new pavilion overlooking Loch Ryan in Dumfries and Galloway. This first in a series of proposed ‘gateways’ has now been completed, and is small enough in budget to qualify for the AJ Small Projects Award.

At the other extreme of scale, the practice has produced the masterplan for Expo 2017, which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The international focus, which one might have expected to fade along with the decoupling from Aedas, is evidently still strong – a total of 42 architects are working for AHR overseas and delivering nearly £2.7 million in fees.

AHR is a practice that is hard to pigeonhole, but as one of architecture’s great shape changers it will doubtless continue to adapt itself to a changing market.


UK Architects 2016 101 hide graph
190 2008
174 2009
207 2010
185 2011
149 2012
118 2013
112 2014
94 2015
101 2016
Overseas Architects 2016 42 show graph
592 2008
980 2009
915 2010
825 2011
843 2012
301 2013
286 2014
43 2015
42 2016
Percentage of Female Architects 2016 24% show graph
Percentage of BAME Architects 2016 15% show graph


Architecture fees for UK projects 2016 £14.8m
Architecture fees for overseas projects 2016 £3.5m
Architecture fees for overseas projects delivered out of UK offices 2016 £18.3m
Architecture fees for overseas projects delivered out of overseas offices 2016 £2.7m
Total fees income 2016 £21.0m
Total income 2016 * £28.8m
 UK Architectural Income
 Overseas Architectural Income
* Includes architectural fees plus fees earned by engineers, surveyors, planners, etc

Fees per Architect

Fees per UK Architect 2016£181.51k


2016 awards 16 show graph


2016 ranking 14 show graph

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